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The Recruitment and Immigration industries have become increasingly difficult to manage, and by using a professional consultancy like IMMINENT PERSONNEL, IMMINENT TRAVEL & IMMIGRATION and IMMINENT SEMINARS; offers our valued clients a holistic access to both specific local and international skills markets. Identifying suitable and specialized staff, be it local or international is becoming more challenging. With the current situation within South Africa we are tending to have to make more use of foreign skills, and these procedures can now all be included in the services offered within the Imminent Group.

Imminent Travel and Immigration was established in 2003 by Gerda Smith and Neville South, who both have many years of experience in the immigration field. Imminent Travel and Immigration was formed to provide both individuals and companies cost effective but high quality advice on immigration matters and the assistance to applicants in obtaining South African visas, in line with the amended Immigration legislation.  

Imminent Personal

In 2011 we expanded our operational portfolio to include Imminent Personal, which deals with the placement of highly skilled personnel and also supplies staffing solutions to both corporates and individuals. The decision to expand our platform seemed to have been a natural progression with many clients willing us to offer these services. The conceptual idea being that we identify foreigners who hold confirmed short skills, try and attract these applicants to SA whilst managing both their immigration needs and also placing them in the job market. Obviously supplying local staff to our partners is also high on the agenda.

Our services

Our services now include two further divisions within the company, Imminent Value Added Services offering individual clients and other Immigration Practitioners assistance with Department of Labour submission, Department of Trade & Industry submission, SAQA submissions, SAPS submissions, placing of print and electronic media advertisements, screening CV’s, Translations, Appeal & Waiver applications.

Imminent Seminars

The latest division being Imminent Seminars, which offers immigration, recruitment, taxation and relocation advice and information to corporate companies, specifically focusing but not limited to the Recruitment Industry, Travel Industry, and foreign interest groups or individuals.

Much has been said and written about the need to attract foreign skills that are in critical short supply to South Africa. As a combined unit Imminent Travel & Immigration, Imminent Personal and Imminent Seminars fortunately find ourselves, positioned perfectly to fill all these needs. As a professional consultancy we are able to assist in identifying both local and international candidates with these specialised required skills and then placing them in the South African market and if necessary also obtaining valid South African visas.

Immigration Applications

The requirements for immigration applications for both corporate and individual clients are now much more technical than in the past and face the threat of easy rejections by Home Affairs. It is therefore become even more necessary for applicants, their employers and those wanting to place these skilled candidates, to seek assistance in preparing their immigration applications, making sure that the supporting documentation meets the requirements as closely as possible. Imminent Seminars now offers just those services.

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