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Interview Tips

Self-confidence is key. An Interview is the chance you have to impress the prospective employer. To have been selected for the interview means that the prospective employer is already interested and it would then be up to the candidate to sell themselves. Prior to the interview the candidate should have prepared themselves well, and have done some research on the position.

At the interview the candidate should look good, be confident and do not be afraid to ask questions, show distinct interest all in attempt to stand out and be remembered.

Before the Interview

First impressions are the most important and presentation is vital and will make a statement as to who you are:

Obviously you would dress according to the industry standards but make sure you look good and portray a positive image.

If possible browse the company website be informed as what the position might entail, which projects the company might be involved in, and even who their clients may be.

After Your Interview

Be sure to complete your own “Post mortem”

Follow-up with the interviewer, thank you notes and messages also contribute to positive impressions.

Evaluate your performance and note any changes that you might want to implement.

During The Interview

During the interview you should concentrate on keeping your body language positive, be interested and listen to the communication carefully.

Try to be open and communicate easily but stick to answering the question.

Find opportunities to describe yourself, clearly state your strengths and competencies and detail what you would bring to the position.

Also emphasise your role as a team player and leader or manager.

Focus on these few main ideas:


This cannot be emphasised enough, you should portray yourself positively, be aware of your movements and present yourself in an interesting light, be aware of your movements and composure. Look up, sit straight, speak clearly and answer questions as affirmatively as possible.


Be aware of the position you are applying for and the requirements related to the position. If you are aware of what the prospective employer requires your replies should include your abilities to meet these. Seek out opportunities within your replies to explain your skills and experience. Try to detail how you will adapt your experience to fit the requirements of this position.


If you have examples of projects, work, achievements or other interesting examples that will draw attention to you and make the interview memorable, take these along to the interview. This will show your interest in the position and demonstrate your capabilities.


Speak openly make sure you are explaining yourself clearly making sure you are getting the important points across. Expand on your answers detailing the important points, but be careful not to deviate from the core of the question.

Make sure to you are making eye contact with the interviewer and remain positive. Make sure that the interviewer understands that you will be adapting your experience to meet these positions requirements.


Try to formulate possible questions and your replies prior to the interview. Practice these questions and replies and possibly even test your fluency by presenting to a close friend or partner.

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