All initial applications need to be applied for at the SA Representatives abroad unless exceptional circumstances exist

First applications can only be submitted within SA if exceptional circumstance exists. These are listed in the legislation as:

- Is in need of life saving medical treatment for longer than three months

- Is an accompanying spouse or child of a holder of the business or work visa, who wishes to apply for a work or study visa

Due to the high rejection rate of all applications by Home Affairs every effort must be made to meet the legislative requirements as closely as possible.

VFS will no longer accept applications for extensions or change of status, where the Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) valid for 1 month or less, within the last 7 days before the expiry date, the TRV is valid for 90 days or less, within the last 30 days before the expiry date and TRV valid for longer than 3 months, within the last 60 days before the expiry date.